JOHO spills RUTO’s closely-guarded RAILA secret – Look! It makes sense why he keeps addressing BABA as “Bwana Kitendawili.”


Deputy President William Ruto’s secret regarding Azimio presidential contender Raila Odinga has been revealed by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

Joho explained to the crowd at yesterday’s Azimio rally why Ruto keeps referring to Raila Odinga as Bwana Kitendwaili.

The ODM Governor claimed that since Ruto was at a loss for words when it came to disparaging Raila, he resorted to calling him Mr. Kitendawili, while not actually attacking him.

The governor further asserted that the second in command was ignorant of the importance of Swahili.

“William Ruto uke mzee wa kitendawili anaita baba (Raila). Wa sababu gani leo, nitawaambia ni. Ni kwa sababu kwanza hajui hajui thamani ya ya kitaifa and lugha. Joho said, “Jambo la pili ni kwamba hana namna ya kutukana Raila.

Joho asserted that the DP had no justification to disparage the former Prime Minister because he had never been previously associated with any claims of questionable business dealings.

Raila Odinga, kuua mtu ata siku moja, mamasikia tuhumu ya? Raila Odinga, kuiba shamba la mtu mumesikia tuhuma ya? Raila Odinga, mmesikia tuhuma ya kuwa mfisadi? Joho posed while the audience applauded.

In the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, he continued to poke holes in the DP’s agenda by claiming that he had already had ten years in office and that was sufficient time for him to carry out his plans.

The statement “William Ruto amekuwa naibu wa rais kwa miaka kumi.” What is the wheelbarrow, mbona hakuleta hiyo miak yote? Hata kama alikuwa anataka kusema alete? In a posture.

When promoting Raila’s presidential candidacy during his campaign visits, the DP frequently referred to him as “mzee wa kitendawili.”

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