KALONZO explodes and informs HASSAN OMAR that he will never be governor


Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka clashed with East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Hassan Omar on Tuesday during ongoing bipartisan discussions between the opposition and the government at the Bomas of Kenya.

It all started when a civil society representative testifying before the committee alleged that Kenya’s elections were manipulated.

To deflate the assumption, Omar, a member of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, stated that there was a consistent aspect that has troubled every election with the charge of being rigged out; he appeared to be referring to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Hassan claimed that it was no accident that every election Raila lost was characterized as flawed.

In defending the Azimio La Umoja leader, Kalonzo, who represents the opposition, emphasized Raila’s opinion that his electoral victories had been stolen from him.

During the talks, he accused Omar of relentlessly demonizing Raila.

“Let us avoid casting aspersions. I’ve heard Omar express one continuous component after another throughout the years. I’d like you to know that one of those consistent factors has been sitting right next to you. “I was Raila’s running mate in 2013 and 2017,” Kalonzo explained.

Omar immediately chimed in, joking about Kalonzo’s ploy in the 2007 election, when he overtook Raila to become vice president.

“You lost the election in 2007 and passed in the middle,” Omar replied.

Kalonzo was irritated by the former Mombasa senator’s remarks, which he called childish.

“If you stop acting like a child, Omar, we will make progress…”That is why you will never be governor of Mombasa,” Kalonzo explained.

Omar reacted with equal strength and scorn;

“And you will never be a president I give it to you,”

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