Don’t date odd men – A 100-year-old woman divulges her key to a long, happy existence


After turning 100, a woman is disclosing the secret to her long, happy life.

On Monday, January 16, Olive Westerman celebrated her significant birthday and offered some suggestions for other ladies seeking sturdiness.

As she celebrated with her female friends over a high tea in Chester, England, she said, “Avoid talking to odd men and you’ll be just fine.”

Westerman also provided some more words of wisdom.

The appreciative great-grandmother exclaimed to South West News Service, “Simply be glad and content to be alive and make the most of what you have.”

Westerman had a long marriage to her late husband, Sam, who passed away several years ago, but she now stays away from any advances from males.

At her birthday celebration, Westerman’s female friends even paid tribute to her late husband by giving her Estée Lauder perfume and Lindt chocolates, which Sam had been giving her every year.

In addition, Westerman thinks it’s crucial for her to be around kids in order to be joyful and enthusiastic.

The elderly man said, “Over the years I have worked with youngsters a lot, and this will absolutely help to keep you young at heart.”


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