Dad, 31, murdered his four-month-old kid after injuring the baby’s brain, spine, and ribs


A jury heard that Reece Kelly, a father, murdered his four-month-old son after causing “catastrophic” injuries to his brain, spine, and ribs.

Kelly viciously murdered his kid, Dallas, after “forcefully shaking” him and producing trauma often seen with automobile crashes or multi-story falls, according to the jury.

On October 15, 2021, the 31-year-old father of Workington, Cumbria, called the police and claimed his son had stopped breathing, according to Carlisle Crown Court in the United Kingdom.

Following the violent attack, the baby was transported to a hospital and placed on life support.

After four days, the tragic choice was made to turn off the machine due to the “catastrophic” nature of his injuries, as the baby’s anguish was intolerable.

Kelly previously admitted manslaughter but claimed he “gently” shaken the infant.

During the three-week trial, a medical expert informed the jury that the pain was consistent with those who had suffered head crushing injuries.

In addition, forensic experts concurred that the baby had been “forcefully shaken,” the court heard.

Kelly’s sick acts were described as “inconceivable” by a doctor during the trial.

Dallas suffered several bleeding to his brain and spine, six rib fractures, one of which occurred weeks before, and retinal detachments as a result of the awful assault he endured.

The baby’s mother, Georgia Wright, referred to her son’s twisted killer as a “monster” at the commencement of his trial.

The bereaved mother said in court that she would never have left Dallas in Kelly’s care if she had any reason to believe he would hurt her child.

The 23-year-old sobbed as she was cleared of any involvement in Dallas’ death.

However, she and Kelly were convicted of child abuse when the court heard how they introduced the baby to illegal narcotics in the residence.

The pair also forgot to take the baby to his medical visits on multiple occasions.

Kelly was convicted of murder and will be punished later this month.


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