SHOCK when a despondent nurse in Kiambu poisons her child and then kills herself (PHOTOs)


The poisoning of a 12-year-old boy by a medical worker at Nyathuna Level 4 hospital, followed by her suicide, has shocked the people of Nyathuna area, Kabete, Kiambu County.

The neighbors discovered their bodies laying in the house.

She has battled depression and made an attempt at suicide once, according to one of the neighbors who spoke to the media. This occurred in 2017.

A friend of the deceased mother claimed that when they went to her house to check for her after being unable to reach her on the phone, they discovered both her dead body and the body of her son lying there.

She may have committed herself as a result of the challenging economic climate.

In the past 24 hours, four suicides have apparently occurred in the same location.

Here are pictures of the woman who passed away and her son.

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