Sir BOBBY CHARLTON’s cause of death has been announced, following the passing of the World Cup-winning football icon at the age of 86


An inquest heard that Sir Bobby Charlton died after falling and hitting a windowsill at a care home where he was battling dementia.

The England hero, who won the World Cup in 1966, fell out of his chair and hit a windowsill and ‘perhaps a radiator,’ according to Cheshire Coroner’s Court.

At the time, staff performed a full-body examination and found no visible injuries, and the 86-year-old’s mobility appeared to be unharmed.

He’d cracked his ribs and was likely to develop pneumonia, according to a chest X-ray and CT scan.

According to the inquiry, doctors agreed that he should be admitted to the hospital for end-of-life treatment. He died five days later, on October 21, at the age of 86.

Sir Bobby is survived by his wife, Lady Norma, their two daughters, Suzanne and Andrea, as well as their grandchildren.

Sir Bobby was said to be ‘unsteady on his feet, especially when standing from a seated posture’ as a result of his dementia.

Sir Bobby had a lengthy medical history, including an appendix ectomy, gout, a urinary infection, and chest infections, according to the inquest in Warrington.

In September, he also contracted Covid-19, according to the inquest.

Sir Bobby, according to Tamara Simmons, manager of the care home, ‘required support with all elements of daily living.’

According to the inquest, his bed was as close to the ground as possible, with crash pads and motion sensors installed since his restlessness made him prone to tumble out of bed.

Sir Bobby’s death was deemed accidental by Coroner Devonish.

She stated that he died from a traumatic haemopneumothorax, a fall, and Alzheimer’s/dementia.


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