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RAILA ODINGA’s goons smashing car windows in Kisumu on Wednesday (VIDEO)

A video of goons connected to the Azimio la Umoja Movement shattering a car’s windows during the current protests in Kisumu County on Wednesday has surfaced.

In the footage, young people using sticks are seen beating a motorist who was driving along after Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio, called for demonstrations.

In opposition to the high expense of living in the nation, Raila organized the demonstrations.

The culmination of Raila Odinga’s demonstrations will take place on Monday when he leads thousands of his supporters in a raid on Nairobi’s State House to remove President William Ruto, whom he alleges is in office unlawfully.

On Wednesday, Ruto denounced the ongoing demonstrations and threatened Raila Odinga with dire repercussions if he attempted to disrupt commerce in Nairobi or damage property on March 20.

Here is a video of a car being destroyed by Raila Odinga’s thugs on Wednesday in Kisumu County.


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