Just after KINDIKI’s eviction order, bandits launch another daring raid, killing one person and seizing 200 livestock


Despite increased security measures to apprehend bandits, the insecurity situation in the North Rift is getting worse by the hour.

In Gakir, Baringo County, bandits carried out another daring raid yesterday, murdering one person and taking 200 animals.

The victim was killed on the spot after coming across the robbers while looking for his animals, according to locals who talked to the press.

Moreover, 200 animals were stolen at the same time.

The occupants claimed that even though they left as ordered by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, the bandits followed them to their new homes.

They noted that the bandits would leave their hiding place and follow the villagers to their new home as soon as they learned about a police operation.

“We are afraid.”

“They (bandits) come to these sides where we live when they hear about police attacks.”

“We find them waiting for us when we get to our farms.”

“They start requesting food and drink.”

One of the natives said, “If you refuse, they seize our possessions by force.

Another Laikipia resident pleaded with the government to end the conflict once and for all in order to protect their children.

She continued by saying that the bandits had foiled earlier efforts.

Please let us know if there is a permanent solution to this problem.

Kindly get involved in this scenario for the welfare of our kids.

We have nowhere else to go, which is why this is the case.

Because we don’t know where we’re going, the attacks have left us disoriented, she said.


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