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Watch what RUTO informed RAILA prior to his anticipated big demonstrations next week

President William Ruto has urged Azimio leader Raila Odinga to organize peaceful protests for the sake of the country.

Speaking at State House, Ruto pleaded with Raila to cooperate with police in order to ensure that no lives or businesses were disrupted during the protests.

“You cannot continue to blackmail the country, my friend Raila Odinga.”

“We have no problem with you organizing demonstrations, but please work with the police to ensure that the rest of Kenyans’ lives are not disrupted, their property is not destroyed, their businesses are not harmed, and they can go to work,” Ruto said.

Raila announced last week that a massive protest against the Kenya Kwanza government will take place on March 20, 2023.

“Take note that we have a date with destiny in Nairobi on March 20, 2023.”

“On that day, our supporters from across the country will march in Nairobi in support of a legitimate and inclusive government.”

“Make a note of that date and let the action begin.”

“The movement for the defense of democracy has now begun,” Raila declared.

On Tuesday, the ODM leader also declared a public holiday on March 20 to allow Azimio supporters to participate in protests.

“I hereby declare that Monday, March 20th, will be a public holiday in the name of Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance,” Raila said.


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