LEE KINYANJUI, the governor of Nakuru, calls on GACHAGUA to apologize to MOLO citizens for the 1992 slaughter.


The governor of Nakuru County, Lee Kinyanjui, has requested Rigathi Gachagua, the running mate of Deputy President William Ruto, to apologize to the people of Molo for the massacre that occurred there in 1992, when he was the District Officer.

Gachagua was the DO in the region when the violent post-election riots broke out, leading to the expulsion of thousands of Kalenjin residents and the deaths of hundreds.

Lee urged Gachagua to apologize to the locals before requesting their votes in August in a statement on Monday.

“Several ideas made by the public during the tour have been taken into consideration. We sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness. ‘A public apology to the people of Molo for the commissions and omissions during his reign as the hated DO,’ Lee said as the first step.

You might use this chance to reassure them that your behavior has altered since then. The survivors are making a small request.

He mocked Gachagua as well, claiming that the Union of Nakuru University Students had asked him to give a keynote speech on establishing good government and putting Chapter Six of the Constitution into practice.


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