Despite MOSES KURIA and KABOGO yapping about GACHAGUA, here is the number of votes WILLIAM RUTO will receive in Mount Kenya.


The number of votes that Deputy President William Ruto is projected to receive from the Mt. Kenya region in August has been revealed by a recent opinion survey done by a local media.

Ruto is one of the four candidates who have been given the go-ahead to run for president in August.

The second-in-command, who chose Rigathi Gachagua, a Mathira Member of Parliament, as his running mate, has been camped out in the Mt Kenya area in an effort to win over the area’s strong voting base for his August campaign.

How many votes do Kenyans believe Ruto would receive from the Mount Kenya region, according to the publication’s online poll of the population.

In a survey with more than 2000 participants, 45.5 percent predicted that Ruto would receive more than 75 percent of the vote.

Ruto will receive 51–75 percent of Mount Kenya’s vote, according to 25.6 percent.

16.5% predicted that Ruto would receive 26–50% of the vote, while 12.3% predicted a vote of 0–25%.

This is a snapshot of the survey.


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