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The father of one of the Murang’a bank robbers killed by cops reveals and divulges more information about his personal life


One of the two robbers slain by police after they raided the Unaitas bank in Murang’a and stole enormous quantities of money was Joseph Kang’ethe, 30.

Kang’ethe’s father claimed that after seeing images of his son and the other suspect in handcuffs and seated, he learned of the occurrence via the media.

Soon later, he noticed further images of their bodies lying on the ground.

“I was expecting that he would be hauled to court when I first saw the photo, but the turn of events was shocking, and we are having many questions,” he added.

“We need to know what happened after they were detained since they should have been brought before the court but weren’t,” he continued.

He disclosed that his son was a former police officer.

From 2017 to 2021, he was in the service for four years.

He was fired from the company for skipping out on his obligations.

The murdered robber had been working odd jobs in the community.

His father was unaware of his covert involvement in illicit activity.

He continued, “He has been doing occasional jobs, and at no point did I have any reason to believe that he would be engaged in any illegal activity.

Kang’ethe claimed that his son was an obedient boy who never caused trouble, not even in school.

After being apprehended, the bank robber who was killed was shot nine times at close range.

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