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After ending her “toxic marriage” to LIAM HEMSWORTH, MILEY CYRUS is “happiest she has been in a long time.”


Following the end of her “toxic marriage” with Liam Hemsworth, which left her “heartbroken,” Miley Cyrus is now living her best life.

The American singer celebrated the release of her new album Endless Summer Vacation and debuted two massive singles from it, Flowers and Muddy Feet.

Her current state of happiness is the “happiest she has been in a long time,” a source told People.

She’s happier and healthier than she’s ever been, according to the magazine.

Everyone was pointing the finger at her and labeling her a wild child for the divorce, but it wasn’t fair. She was devastated since their marriage and relationship were toxic.

Though the singer, 30, has finally “had time to reflect and heal” following her divorce from actor Liam Hemsworth, 33, in 2020, she is now ready to “share her side of the story” with the release of her new album.

She is not attempting to disparage Liam, but she believes she has a right to control the narrative because she was the target of everyone’s criticism following the breakup, according to the source.

While The Last Song was being filmed in 2009, the former couple got together. Years of intermittent dating preceded their December 2018 nuptials.

Many believe that the lyrics to Flowers and Muddy Feet are about her marriage now that they had separated in August 2019 and divorced in February 2020.

She sings, “Made a home and watched it burn,” in the song Flowers. The 2018 Woolsey Fire destroyed the couple’s Malibu home.

And now, her brand-new song Muddy Feet has provoked criticism of her Australian ex on social media, with some assuming that the lyrics refer to the actor cheating on her.

‘And you smell like perfume that I didn’t buy,’ the Party in the USA singer and Sia wrote in the song.

‘Now I understand why you have been drawing the drapes. Leave my home immediately. “I’m not sure. You have no idea who you think you are messing with.



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