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If RAILA becomes ill between now and Monday, we will squarely blame RUTO and GACHAGUA, according to the ODM party


As President William Ruto and his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, pledged to deal mercilessly with Raila for organizing large-scale protests in Nairobi on Monday next week, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has now released a press release.

According to Raila, he is planning large-scale demonstrations to put pressure on Ruto’s administration to lower the exorbitant cost of living in the nation.

Speaking out on Wednesday, Ruto and Gachagua, however, pledged to deal with Raila Odinga harshly if he attempted to break the law on that day of widespread protests.

The comments made by Ruto and Gachagua have been taken as a threat to kill Raila, which has prompted the Orange Party to release a statement.

Top ODM officials, including Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna, claimed they would hold Ruto and Gachagua directly responsible if Raila caught a cold from today to Monday during a press conference on Thursday at the Parliament Buildings.

Ruto and Rigathi Gachagua should be held accountable, Sifuna warned media, “should Raila Odinga so much as have a cold on Monday.”

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