A woman marries her cousin by mistake and learns they are related after becoming pregnant.


A woman recently learned that her husband is a blood relative.

On TikTok, Marcella Hill announced the news to her admirers, which astounded the audience.

While she was pregnant and looking up baby names for her unborn child, the weird occurrence all began.

The now-mother-of-four recalled: “We were sitting on a couch, and I was browsing for names for the baby that we were about to birth on Family Search.

Oh look, there they are: Grandpa, Grandma, Great Grandma, and Great-Great Grandma.

My husband is using Family Search next to me and remarks, “Oh, that’s strange, we have the same grandpa and grandma’s names.”

When Marcella accidentally logged into her account, she believed her husband was making fun of her.

However, she discovered the startling truth when she took a second look to read the names.

We discovered that my grandpa is his grandma’s first cousin, she continued.

“So we ask them whether they know each other when he calls his granny and I call my grandfather.

We are third cousins since they shared a home when they were young children.

So he gets to attend his as well at the same time as mine, when I attend my family union!

Many viewers were perplexed by her story and asked questions.

Viewers questioned, “How did you not know during the wedding?”

They didn’t have a wedding ceremony, Marcella made clear.

She displayed their wedding photos and stated, “We were married on a Wednesday in a courthouse after work.”

“This is a picture of us on our wedding day; we’re in the office using the copier and binders.

“And in this one, we are positioned against a brick wall in a courthouse hallway.

But even so, what would we do if my grandfather and his grandma had attended the wedding and we had just just learned that we were third cousins?

Third cousins are not very closely linked, according to one viewer; it would be different if you all had grown up together.


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