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Look! New information about the ICC witness who was discovered dead two weeks ago has surfaced. Was he killed like the others?

Christopher Koech, a witness for the International Criminal Court (ICC), inexplicably passed away, but new information has come to light about his final hours.

Witnesses claim that on the morning of Saturday, July 16, the deceased, a teacher at Mumias’ Khaunga Primary School, went to work.

He hastily departed the facility for an undisclosed place an hour later, and was discovered lying by the side of the road in agony. He was exuding a lot of sweat, and froth was flowing from his mouth.

When the police show up, a fight breaks out between the two parties as Koech demands to be allowed to ride his motorcycle while the police block him, claiming that his health is getting worse.

“Considering that the death has garnered public attention that may enable litigation, the government should forgive all hospital fees now that the family is unable to pay the bills.

“It is regrettable that the relevant government entities do not enforce the Witness Protection Act. While some of the ICC witnesses have mysteriously passed away, the most of them are living in fear, according to a human rights activist

Koech was scheduled to fly to The Hague in the Netherlands to give a testimony in the legal case of Paul Gicheru.

Human rights advocate Koech reportedly requested witness protection at one time out of concern for his life, according to the media.


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