This is the catastrophe that RAILA intends to bring about in August with his manual register, thus it makes sense why RUTO insists on using a digital register.


IEBC may only utilize a digital register, not a manual one as desired by Raila Odinga’s Azimio, according to Deputy President William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza allies.

Samson Cherargei, a senator from Nandi, and Wilson Sossion, a candidate for office, cautioned the media over the weekend that the use of manual register could result in the election being declared invalid once more, as it did in 2017.

Sossion argued that a manual registry may be misused to tamper with general elections, which prompted the Supreme Court to issue a judgement along these lines in 2017.

He argued that digital registers are necessary, claiming that they are the only way to eliminate inconsistencies and instill faith in the democratic process.

To eliminate irregularities and foster calm, confidence, and trust in the political process, our voting system should be digitalized. The use of manual registers was another tenet of the invalidation of the 2017 presidential election. A manual register is a tool used to rig elections, thus the Supreme Court’s decision to annul the 2017 presidential election must be followed in this year’s elections with the IEBC, according to Sossion.

In the event of any technological difficulties, he urged Uhuru’s administration to use all the digital data amassed through the registration of Huduma numbers to support the digital register rather than requiring Kenyans to use the manual register once again.

The manual register can be utilized for ballot staffing since it is simple to manipulate, according to Cherargei.

He claimed that they are concerned about individuals who won’t vote having their names checked and votes tabulated, which could result in ballots being hidden in favor of particular candidates.

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