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The most recent survey suggests the DP is lagging BABA in South Rift, shocking RUTO in his Rift Valley bedroom.

In the most recent poll, Raila Odinga, the presidential candidate for Azimio, shocked Deputy President William Ruto.

This came about after it turned out that he is the most popular presidential contender in the South Rift, which was formerly known as Ruto’s bedroom.

Raila has 45 percent support in the South rift region, whereas William Ruto has only 33 percent, according to a recent poll by Trends For Insights Africa (TIFA), which was published by researcher Tom Wolf.

The DP received 66 percent support in the South Rift region in the previous polls.

Ruto got 63 percent of the support in the Central Rift, compared to Raila’s 20 percent.

In the Coast region, Raila’s approval rating increased to 50%, while Ruto received 25% of the vote.

In the Lower Eastern region, the ODM leader received 46% of the vote compared to Ruto’s 29%.

In the Mt. Kenya area, Ruto is in the lead with 53% of the vote, while Raila is in second place with 24%.

With 58 percent of the vote, the Azimio leader maintained his lead in Nairobi, while Ruto received only 28% of the vote.

In the North-Eastern region, 35 percent of those surveyed favored Raila while 55 percent favored Ruto.

Raila is in the lead with 68 percent of the vote, followed by Ruto with 13 percent, in Nyanza, which is thought to be the political stronghold of the ODM leader.

In the Western area, Raila continues to have a 48 percent to 37 percent edge over Ruto.


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