Azimio Nimehama! Only a few weeks before the August General Election, another strong governor leaves RAILA and joins RUTO. Even the Deep State has been shocked by this.


Raila Odinga, a presidential candidate from Azimio la Umoja, is in tears. After Moses Akaranga, the former governor of Vihiga, deserted him for William Ruto, the deputy president, this happened.

After thoughtful deliberation with his constituents on the ground, Akaranga, a close friend of Raila, abandoned Azimio and chose to support Kenya Kwanza as the presidential candidate.

The former county administrator claims that he would now run a campaign for Ruto in Vihiga and the entire Western area.

He disclosed that Raila has been difficult for him to reach out to whereas Ruto has repeatedly tried to get in touch with him.

Akaranga claims that Raila has actively avoided him and disregarded his attempts to contact him, which is why he chose to support Ruto because he was easily accessible.

Akaranga retreated to Kenya Kwanza and announced, “Ruto has reached out to me multiple times asking me to help him and I am here struggling to reach Raila Odinga.


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