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See what Reuters reported about MARTHA KARUA that has enraged RUTO’s camp for proof that RAILA ODINGA has received support from the international media.

According to the surprising headlines from one of the most influential news organizations in the world, Reuters Africa, the stars appear to have lined up in favor of Azimio ahead of the eagerly awaited general election on August 9th.

Reuters dedicated an entire post on Azimio La Umoja, and more specifically to Raila Odinga’s running mate Martha Karua.

They emphasized Kenya’s impending election of its first female vice president. Additionally, Reuters implied that Martha Karua is more focused on crucial concerns than merely women issues, such as the fight against the nation’s pervasive corruption, in what appeared to be a direct endorsement of Raila’s presidential campaign.

According to Martha Karua, who claims to be more focused on important matters like the fight against corruption, Kenya’s first female vice president may be elected in the country’s next presidential election on August 9.

The wing of Deputy President William Ruto, meanwhile, was outraged by Reuters’ comments on Azimio and said that the media was biased against the DP.


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