Inform them that they are in possession of false degrees if you see them, as 169 phony grads from well-known universities are displayed on the flags.


The majority of Kenyans, not just the two senators from Kakamega and Nairobi whose academic credentials are under scrutiny, Johnson Sakaja and Cleophas Malala, appear to be in possession of phony degrees.

This is because 169 undergraduate degrees held by students who enrolled in a college with a location in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County, were recognized by the Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK).

The 169 graduates, according to a notice from GLUK from yesterday, were duped by dishonest organizations that used its name to grant phony degree certificates.

In light of the continuing debate over the proliferation of bogus degrees across the nation, the University recommended the general public to exercise caution while considering credentials given in its name.

The Great Lakes University of Kisumu’s Governing Council and Management have expressed worry about the rise in cases of academic fraud that have been brought to their attention.

Part of the notice stated, “In particular, the incident of 169 unwary students who enrolled with Baraton College Limited (Eldoret) and allegedly graduated with academic degrees that are fraudulently branded with Great Lakes University of Kisumu credentials on the 17th December 2021 at their college grounds.”

Additionally, the university with its headquarters in Kisumu issued graduation dates that can be utilized to verify degrees from the University.

“We would want to make it clear that the dates of graduation as stated on the degrees/certificates are incorrect and desire to encourage the public to refer to our real record of our graduation dates and venues,” the statement reads.

The degree holders will also be held accountable, according to GLUK, which has threatened legal action against the organizations and people responsible for the phony degree.

The general public is urged to be aware of this warning and use caution when interacting with dishonest people and organizations who pose as being affiliated with Great Lakes University of Kisumu.

The public should be cautioned that legal action would be taken against them if they are found to be in possession of degrees or certificates that were not conferred or awarded on the aforementioned dates and at an official university gathering, according to GLUK.


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