Keep an eye out. Martha Karua promises to deliver votes from Mount Kenya.


Azimio la Umoja is a fictional character. Martha Karua, a Kenya presidential running partner, has refuted accusations that the Raila-Karua ticket will not be viable in the Mt Kenya region, as some have suggested.

Karua claimed she began mobilizing Mt Kenya supporters as soon as she joined the coalition on March 23, 2022, in an interview with Citizen TV.

The Mt Kenya area is predicted to play a significant role in the presidential election on August 9.

“I jumped right into things. I’ve visited most of Central’s counties. Azimio la Umoja is gaining ground, and I’m telling you to keep an eye on him because Mt Kenya is calling “Karua explained.

The coalition’s critics, according to the former Gichugu MP, are worried about how much ground Odinga is gaining in the region.

“When you see rivalry causing individuals to disrupt meetings, it means they’re terrified of what’s going on within the mountain,” she explained.

“Thousands had come to see and hear Baba [Raila Odinga], but a few disturbed,” Karua continued. The fact that they came in droves indicates that they are willing to listen. “Here we go,” she replied, pointing to the mountain.

Karua described her selection as “historic” for both Kenyan women and men.

“I believe I have a responsibility to deliver the vote and the Azimio la Umoja commitment to the Kenyan people,” she stated.

She has committed to support the ODM leader and has stated that she will do her utmost to obey their program as well as the constitution.

Karua also promises to back Odinga in his fight against corruption, which has stymied growth in the country.

“The fight against corruption necessitates political will and citizen backing. Kenyans have demonstrated that when leaders show that they are serious about fighting corruption in word and practice, people will rally behind them,” she said.

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