You won’t believe why KAMENE GORO, who was making over Ksh 500,000 at Kiss FM, was let go.


The reasons behind Kamene Goro’s departure from Radio Africa Group as host of the Kiss FM breakfast show have now been revealed.

On January 26, 2023, Kamene Goro will host her final program, and more information about the reasons behind her termination will become available.

Top managers at the Radio Africa Group, according to reliable sources, authorized the formation of a disciplinary panel to investigate her conduct for evading responsibility on dubious reasons.

She had gotten into the habit of making up any justification when she skipped work, although making over Ksh 500,000 per year.

“Kamene made it a habit of not showing up to work, and she could come up with all kinds of reasons most of the time, such as that she was unwell, but then she would post images and videos of people in entirely different situations on social media,” a source said.

“When the senior management noticed, that strained her relationship with them. The insider continued, “Coworkers she closely worked with reported she would text them at 6 AM, an hour before the start of her show, stating she won’t make it to work and asking someone to hold her brief. There was actually a disciplinary panel set up to look into her behaviour.

The ratings for the breakfast program she co-hosts with comic Obinna had also dropped.

The insider added, “Based on her big compensation, it was judged fit to let her contract run out and employ someone else. The ratings had declined over time compared to when she first joined the station, and as a result, the show wasn’t drawing advertisers.

Andrew Kibe, Kamene’s former co-host, had previously admitted on his YouTube channel that she is incredibly sluggish and frequently skipped work when they were working together.

After leaving Vybez Radio last week, veteran radio host Kwambox will take over the reins on Monday of the following week.

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