In the Githurai market, a woman confronts her husband’s SIDE CHICK and burukenges her. The catastrophe halted corporate operations.


A displeased Kikuyu woman approached her husband’s side chick in Githurai and gave her a lesson she will never forget for attempting to destroy her marriage, resulting in a dramatic scene that the general public witnessed.

The betrayed wife went to her husband’s place of employment, a gas station, and confronted a woman who works at a nearby business and is thought to be having an affair with her husband.

The two women got into a heated argument and started calling each other names.

In the viral video, the hapless husband could be seen struggling to control his wife who was spouting fire like a lion.

Why were the two women fighting over a man when there are so many males out there, several women could be heard saying.

The spectacular event nearly put an end to commerce in the nearby market.


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