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EDDIE NDICHU is shocked as ex-Citizen TV anchor JANET MBUGUA seeks Ksh 1 million in child support on a monthly basis as their divorce becomes contentious.

Janet Mbugua, a former Citizen TV presenter, has formally requested a divorce from her ex-husband Eddie Ndichu and is seeking a monthly child support obligation.

The former TV star is reportedly accusing her ex-husband of evading parenting responsibilities and is now seeking Ksh 1 million in child support every month.

Ethan and Mali are two of Eddie and Janet’s sons.

When she and her ex-husband split, she took the kids and left their marital house.

In the divorce proceeding, she testified that since her marriage to Eddie ended, she has been caring for their children on her own.

She filed for divorce due to his physical abuse and infidelity.

She once saw him in their marital home carrying a slay queen while she was there.

A successful businessman, Eddie has made investments in the tech sector.

His financial start-up, named, received Ksh 240 million in early capital from overseas investors last year.


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