See the absurd sum of money UHURU tried to use to convince con artist SAKAJA to drop out of running for governor of Nairobi? The president is in a tight spot!


Sen. Johnson Sakaja of Nairobi, who is now in hot water, made the astounding assertion that President Uhuru Kenyatta had paid him Sh1 billion to withdraw from the contest to become the next governor of Nairobi in favor of Jubilee contender Polycarp Igathe.

Sakaja said he received a call offering him the money but declined to be a sellout in an interview yesterday.

Kutoka State House, kuna mtu alitumwa. Privacy yake wacha iishie hapo kwa sababu. Kutoka Ikulu, lakini alitumwa. Sakaja said, “Nikasema sitajiuzulu.

He said that attempts had been made to remove him from consideration for Nairobi governor when he made the remarks.

He declared that no amount of money could be used to purchase him and that he is committed to serve the residents of Nairobi.

Sakaja claims that in order to find an excuse to stop, he was instructed to pretend to be ill.

“Nijiuzulu niliona haitanisaidia nilisema ata nikipewa hiyo pesa Sh1 billion enye walitaka kunipea. A 37-year-old woman named Mimi Saizi niko siwezi kubali hiyo pesa nimalize career in Nairobi, he continued.

As a result of numerous cases brought against him, Sakaja is experiencing difficulties before the elections on August 9.

The UDA governor candidate has denied allegations that he faked a degree from Team University Uganda.


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