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Bullish RUTO now asserts that RAILA ODINGA is waging frantic campaigns and funding phony polls in order to stay relevant.

William Ruto, the deputy president, has once more expressed confidence that he will defeat Raila Odinga in the election in August.

Ruto attacked Raila during the Kenya Kwanza campaign trail, saying that he had sponsored phony surveys in order to stay relevant.

This comes after recent polls that indicated Ruto was trailing Raila by a little more than a month before the election.

However, according to Ruto, Raila might have realized he is losing and is desperately funding surveys to appear dominant.

In addition, he asserted that the manifesto for Azimio la Umoja is inferior to his recently released Kenya Kwanza manifesto.

Manifesto yetu inashinda yao, hawa watu tumewashinda na akili, tumewashinda na mpango. Ruto stated, “Tumewashida na kila kitu,sasa wamebaki tu na mambo mawili, wanatengeneza opinion poll ya ukora, wanasema sijui nani ako mbele.

Fake polls won’t help Raila win the August elections, according to Ruto, who is running for president for the first time.

Kura ni tarehe tisa mwezi wa nane hawa wananchi wataamua, sisi tunawambia wacheni opinion poll ya ukora, said Ruto.

Further, Ruto charged that Raila intended to seize power against Kenyans’ will by utilizing the deep state.

He remained adamant, though, that he would not permit anyone to tamper with his votes and that he was prepared to defend each ballot that was placed in his basket.


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