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According to Prof. WAJACKOYAH, I would pay pregnant Kenyan mothers using revenue from the marijuana industry.

Prof. George Wajackoyah, the presidential candidate for the Roots Party, has explained how Kenyan women will gain if he is elected in August.

Tuesday in Kakamega County, Wajackoyah spoke about the challenges that women encounter both during pregnancy and after giving birth, arguing that these women should have better financial and medical support.

“Kenyan women should have the freedom to decide when to have children because that is still another enormous responsibility.

“Any pregnant mother will receive compensation… Once there is proof that she is pregnant, we will start paying her a stipend.

As soon as she gets pregnant, she will become a state project, Wajackoyah said.

The researcher claimed that the marijuana industry, which he claimed his administration would legalize, would provide the funding needed to support expectant moms.

Additionally, he claimed that exporting dog meat and snake firming will generate enough revenue to support women, especially those who are expecting.


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