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According to MOSES KURIA, UHURU should be sent to the ICC since he is stoking tribal resentment ahead of the August elections through KAMEME FM and TV.


Moses Kuria, a member of parliament from Gatundu South, has charged President Uhuru Kenyatta with instigating Kenyans via Kameme FM and TV.

Kuria claimed in a Facebook post on Monday that Uhuru was a known criminal who incited Kenyans through his media outlets, and that the International Criminal Court (ICC) should have indicted him in 2013.

Kuria referred to Uhuru as the leader of Interahamwe and claimed that he is stoking tribalism ahead of the presidential election on August 9 by employing Kata and Man Saimo, presenters on Kameme FM.

“Now that you’ve listened to Kameme FM, you know why the ICC indicted him. General and Commander of the Interahamwe,” Kuria said.

Uhuru Kenyatta sent the gay couple Kata and Simoh from Kameme to falsely claim that I am not running for office. Watatu nyote shindwe. Ibilisi!” Kuria tacked on.

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