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Grilled by DCI: DP RUTO’s Man Linked to the Deadly “CONFIRM GANG” in Nakuru County!


Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have interrogated a close friend of Deputy President William Ruto for connections to the dangerous “confirm gang” in Nakuru County.

David Gikaria, a representative for Nakuru Town East, was called to DCI headquarters on Tuesday and questioned about the continuous killings in Nakuru being carried out by the “confirm gang.”

In Nakuru, gang attacks, killings, and rape cases have increased dramatically over the past several days, and there are rumors that well-known officials are funding the gangs.

For instance, 27 persons were detained over the weekend in connection with numerous armed robbery instances that had occurred in Nakuru.

The DCI stated that shortly after staging an attack in the Jasho area of the Nakuru West sub-county, five of the suspects—Moses Njoe, age 21, Thomas Nguruna, age 19, Evans Napati, age 21, Sammy Sunguya, age 23, and Emmanuel Tein, age 20—were detained by police officers stationed at Rhonda police station.

Machetes, clubs, swords, metal rods, and pieces of wood were among the crude weapons that were discovered from the thugs, who have caused the citizens of Nakuru to live in constant fear of assault. Numerous SIM cards and identification documents belonged to robbery victims were also found.

Gikaria is a close ally of Deputy President William Ruto.

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