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MIGUNA MIGUNA requests an explanation from the IEBC as to why RAILA ODINGA, who lacked a degree, was cleared whereas REUBEN KIGAME, who possessed two degrees, was not.


Reuben Kigame, a presidential candidate in Kenya, has asked the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to clear him since he has satisfied all prerequisites necessary to run for office. Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna is behind this request.

Miguna, who is in exile in Canada, wrote on Twitter on Friday that the IEBC must approve Kigame because he has two legitimate degrees and signatures from 28 of the 47 countries.

The “General” questioned how the panel approved Raila Odinga’s candidacy for president in August despite his allegation that he lacks a degree from any accredited university.

Kigame was one of a dozen candidates for president who were disqualified from running in August on dubious reasons.

Why has despot Uhuru Kenyatta BLOCKED @ReubenKigamefrom being on the presidential ballot? @ReubenKigamehas 2 GENUINE DEGREES, which Uhuru and conman @RailaOdinga don’t have. And he has signatures from 28 counties. The @IEBCKenyamust clear @ReubenKigame,” Miguna wrote.

In order to contest the IEBC decision, Kigame has already filed a lawsuit and is presently awaiting the outcome.

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