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Senator CHERUIYOT unmasks RAILA ODINGA’s man caught red-handed begging DP RUTO for a job.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Principal Secretary was caught on camera pleading for a job from Kenya Kwanza Alliance presidential contender William Ruto.

ICT Principal Secretary Jerome Ochieng was pleading for a job from Ruto five years ago, according to Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot, by writing him mails begging for a job in the Jubilee government.

After the PS attacked Ruto for declaring he will launch his Kenya Kwanza Alliance manifesto on June 30th after touring all 47 counties, Cheruiyot revealed this.

One of the local blogs reported, “DP Ruto to publish Kenya Kwanza manifesto on June 30 after touring all 47 counties for economic forums.”

PS Jerome Ochieng, who is currently supporting Raila Odinga’s Azimio presidential campaign, responded by asking Ruto whether he really needs three weeks to copy-paste the Azimio manifesto.

“Is it true that copying and pasting the Azimio document will take you three weeks?” If you travel central Kenya three times a week, how will you visit 47 counties? I’m only looking for a concerned friend…, Jerome was the one who inquired.

In a retort, Cheruiyot ordered the PS to keep his mouth shut because he was begging Ruto for a job five years ago.

“Job in search of the Azimio path. You’re disrespecting the same man to whom you sent numerous texts five years ago seeking for a job.

“What an ungrateful jerk.” Cheruiyot remarked, “Have some class.”


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