When RIGATHI GACHAGUA and RUTO capture control, they disclose what they would do to UHURU for torturing and persecuting them.


Should the Kenya Kwanza establish the next administration, Rigathi Gachagua, Deputy President William Ruto’s running partner and Mathira MP, has committed to safeguard the safety of all Mt Kenya residents, including President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Gachagua claimed in an interview that the Kenya Kwanza will not retaliate against President Uhuru Kenyatta for the torture that he perpetrated on Tanga Tanga followers.

If they win the presidential election on August 9, Gachagua said they will ensure no one goes after the President.

“Despite the fact that we have been punishing William Ruto and his allies, including me, we will protect you (President Uhuru)…. Despite the fact that you have painted us as corrupt for political reasons, I assure you that after you depart, no one will come after you,” Gachagua informed President Kenyatta.

Uhuru’s former PA also stated that he will see to it that the chairman of Azimio la Umoja receives his benefits, and that he will always be there for the Jubilee party leader.

“I tell you that you will be safe in retirement as your buddy and personal assistant between 2001 and 2006.” We’ll make sure you get all of your benefits and privileges as required by law, and I’ll be there for you,” he stated.

Gachagua and other Kenya Kwanza loyalists have accused the Jubilee government of harassing them because they backed William Ruto, who is at odds with his boss.

All court cases against him and other Hustler Nation officials are “false and nasty,” according to the Kenya Kwanza presidential running mate, who is facing KSh 12 billion in corruption allegations.

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