During the Azimio demonstrations, attackers attacked Citizen TV journalist SETH OLALE in KIBRA


Seth Olale, a reporter with Citizen TV, regrets going to Kibra to cover the Azimio One Kenya Alliance after he and his colleagues were attacked and stoned.

Olale posted pictures of his car’s window screen being broken with the phrase “we have been attacked” on his social media page.

He was accompanied by a woman who was clearly terrified as she tried to hide in the rear seat from the thugs who were baying for her blood.

One of Raila Odinga’s strongholds is Kibra, and whenever he summons a demonstration, his fans take him at his word like the apostle John.

Raila Odinga stated over the weekend that Vice President Rigathi Gachagua had paid thugs to act as Azimio supporters during the demonstrations, generate mayhem, and even inflict harm to individuals in an effort to sully Raila’s reputation.
Moreover, career thugs are using the demonstrations to terrorize defenseless Kenyans.

The following images were posted by Seth Olale after he was assaulted by thugs during demonstrations against the high cost of living and election unfairness.


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