The government warns Pastor EZEKIEL and Prophet OWUOR against claiming that prayers can cure HIV/AIDS


The administration of President William Ruto has cautioned some churches against misinforming their adherents that prayers may cure HIV/AIDS.

Many people have been forced to stop their treatment plans as a result of popular pastors making claims that they can cure HIV/AIDS, including Pastor Ezekiel Odero and Prophet David Owuor.

The National Syndemic Diseases Control Council, on behalf of the Ministry of Health, released a statement warning people living with HIV throughout the nation against stopping their medication regimens.

According to the council, stopping anti-retroviral therapy would be extremely harmful to patients.

“The suspension of HIV therapy has serious repercussions including harm to body organs that could remain irreversible,” the statement states in part.

The NSDCC also stated that all people with HIV must follow their antiretroviral medicine, even while asking for prayers is beneficial for the spiritual, psychological, and social wellbeing of the majority of believers.

“In the past, unjustified deaths from HIV have been caused by unverified claims of faith healing. As of yet, there is no scaleable HIV cure that has been demonstrated to work.

“We implore members of the religion communities, who are our major stakeholders, to collaborate actively with believers and other partners to end HIV-related stigma and prejudice, which continue to undermine the advances in HIV response.”

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