The 33-year-old teacher who gave birth to her student’s kid has been arrested for raping the 17-year-old


After giving birth to a child fathered by one of her students, a 33-year-old female Louisiana teacher was arrested and charged with rape and sexual abuse. The reported occurrences occurred roughly two years ago.

Morgan Freche, 33, was arrested on Tuesday, October 3, following an investigation that resulted in many warrants for her arrest in Tangipahoa Parish.

According to Sheriff Daniel Edwards, claims that Freche became pregnant with the 17-year-old student’s kid were reported on September 24.

Freche resigned from her position as a teacher at Lorainger High School four days later, without revealing her name.

She turned herself in on Tuesday and was charged with third-degree rape, oral sexual battery, and four charges of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

‘While we cannot reveal specifics about the inquiry, we can confirm that the claims were handled with swiftly and that the investigation process was rigorous and thorough,’ said the statement. Edwards stated this following Freche’s resignation last week.

‘This type of study takes time and is handled with utmost care. We shall not be hurried to completion under any circumstances.’

According to George R. Tucker, the victim’s attorney, his family is delighted that Freche has been accused and will focus on getting the youngster into rehabilitation.

‘We’re pleased with the charges, but we believe there should have been more charges because there were more instances,’ says the prosecutor. Tucker stated to WSDU News.

Tangipahoa Parish School Superintendent Melissa Stilley stated in a statement that the charges were unknown to them until they were reported.

‘We have recently learned of the arrest of Morgan Freche, a former Tangipahoa Parish teacher,’ Stilley added.

‘Although personnel and student matters are secret and cannot be discussed in detail, student safety and the proper behavior of school district staff are a priority.

Stilley went on to say that Freche’s alleged behavior had no place in her school system.

‘Neither the Board nor this office will allow employee behavior that goes beyond the proper professional relationships between instructors and their pupils,’ she added.

‘We are lucky that the children of Tangipahoa Parish are taught by experts, and such charges are regrettable. We are currently assisting with law enforcement in their investigation into this incident.’

Tucker, though, told reporters that the family feels the parish was aware of the situation but did nothing.

‘The next step is to try to figure out why this wasn’t communicated with the family by people who knew a long time ago,’ says the doctor. Tucker stated.

‘It has been revealed that the family was notified twice, once by the superintendent’s family. The second incident was committed by two Loranger employees but was never reported.’

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