After 17 years, Stella at last replies to Freshly Mwamburi


The well-known hit song “Stella Wangu” by Freshly Mwamburi is very well known.

Also, the first man to receive ‘character development’ was served extremely hot. If you haven’t heard the classic, Freshly sings of a woman with whom he was deeply and madly in love.

He paid for her studies in Japan out of his deep love for her, hoping for her return. But, Mwamburi experienced the shock of a lifetime when Stella came back.

Stella stepped off the plane with a baby in her arms and her short Japanese lover by her heal at the airport where he had eagerly been waiting for his love. This deeply hurt him, and every May 17th, Freshly tells the story of the betrayal he committed.

After 17 years, Stella (the fictional version) finally addressed her ex-boyfriend with a song of her own. The Stella cover was performed by Kayte Melo, a rising star in the music industry. She is heard saying to Freshly that he misread the circumstance, which caught many people’s attention.

In the song, Stella relates her side of the tale, saying that she was glad to be going back to Kenya to see her beloved Freshly and adamant that she had never misled any of them.

The woman describes how she shared a seat on the plane with a Japanese man, his wife, and their little child. The couple was amiable, and Stella and they all exchanged personal tales.

Stella recalled that she had proudly and joyfully mentioned that Freshly had paid for her schooling.  She continued by saying that Stella was carrying the couple’s child when they got off the plane, which she has since regretted.

She reported that Mwamburi did not appear to be pleased to see her carrying a child. She hummed, “Niliona mpenzi kasononeka akainamisha kichwa chake na kuondoka kwenda zake”.

He shook his head and went away angry and unhappy without saying a word to her. 

Stella describes returning the infant to its parents and running after her lover in an effort to defend herself but finding that he had already gotten into his car and taken off in a rage.

Asi mno nikitazama, akainigia kwa gari lake na kuendesha.

She says that she tried contacting him by phone and wrote him many letters outlining the problem, but to no avail. She attempted to get his buddies to step in, but Mwamburi had already left.


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