An employee of Prof. GEORGE MAGOHA reveals shocking information about his passing.


Prof. George Magoha, a former cabinet secretary for education, passed very suddenly, shocking members of his family, his coworkers, and Kenyans in general.

Many others have described how they found out about the professor’s passing, and some even claim to have seen him die in Nairobi Hospital.

Apart from his family and friend Prof. Walter Wanda, who were present when Magoha passed away, the professor’s house staff provided information on his final moments.

Francis Odhiambo, a worker for the professor for the past 15 years, described the strange events that occurred to Magoha before his passing.

Odhiambo claimed Magoha was acting strangely just before he died because he observed for the first time that his boss appeared forgetful and even admonished him accidentally before calling back to apologize.

John Obare Magoha, Magoha’s older brother, shared his views when he said that he had observed the professor was not feeling well when they spoke on Monday, the day before he passed away.

When I asked him how he was, he garbled his words and replied that he wasn’t feeling good, according to Obare.

The funeral for Professor George Magoha has not yet been scheduled.

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