GEORGE MAGOHA, a professor, was he possessed? Elder brother responds to claims that the family may be cursed following multiple fatalities


The family of Prof. George Magoha, a former cabinet secretary for education, has denied persistent claims that they are cursed as a result of the repeated deaths in the family.

Before he passed away, George Magoha was getting ready to bury his younger brother, Professor Richard Magoha, who passed away in the US in December of the previous year. Additionally, his other brother, Captain Charles Agunga Magoha, passed away in Sweden a year earlier following a brief illness.

Consolata Mogoha and Michael Magoha, two additional siblings who have just passed away, have led some individuals, including some family members, to believe that the Magoha family may be under a death curse.

John Obare Magoha, Magoha’s older brother, has denied any wrongdoing or witchcraft, nevertheless.

“We are Christians who were raised as Catholics and who believe in God. Just because death has visited us three times in a short period of time does not mean that we can immediately declare that we are bewitched.

Obare said, “My brothers’ time has just come, and God has taken them.”

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