Due to Russia’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, UEFA stripped Kazan of the right to host this year’s European Super Cup.


Because of Russia’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine, UEFA has revoked its privilege to host the European Super Cup’s inaugural match.

The match between this season’s Champions League and Europa League champions was scheduled to take place in Kazan. But because of the tension between the two neighbors, UEFA chose to shift the match to Olympiacos’ home stadium in Athens, the Georgios Karaiskakis stadium.

Despite moving the 2022 Champions League final out of Russia only days after the country’s military invasion of Ukraine last February, UEFA had not done the same with the Super Cup.

Prior to the game being moved to the Stade de France, where Real Madrid defeated Liverpool 1-0, the match was scheduled to take place in St. Petersburg.

Since February 28, Russian teams have been prohibited from participating in UEFA and FIFA competitions, and the International Olympic Committee has recommended that Russia not be allowed to organize sporting events.

The European Super Cup will begin the 2019 season on August 16 in Athens due to a decision made by the UEFA executive committee, despite the fact that a resolution to the conflict is not in the immediate future.

The Nations League will be expanded with a new knockout phase after 2024, according to UEFA’s announcement.

The group round will end in November, and the elimination round, which will take place in March, will establish continuity before the Finals in June.

The League A group winners and runners-up will compete in quarterfinals with a home-and-away format, with the winners moving on to the final four.


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