Getting married to a woman who was not born when you were 18 should be illegal, a doctor has suggested.


According to a well-known doctor on Twitter, @drpenking, marrying a woman who was not born when a guy turned 18 should be considered a crime.

In response to Angolan socialite Mya Jesus’s engagement to her much older partner, he expressed this idea.

22-year-old After “nearly a month of communicating and few days of dating,” Mya announced her engagement to an older man on Thursday, January 19.

Mya’s engagement prompted @drpenking to respond via his Twitter account, writing;

Why would you marry a lady who was just born when you were already 37 years old, if it’s not witchcraft? To wed a woman who was not born when you turned 18 should be illegal. Predation should be considered here.


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