After displaying her boyfriend and spoiling him with kind words, hot celebrity officer MARY WANUNU let Kenyan guys down (PHOTOs).


Mary Wanunu, a famous Kenyan couple, has announced their engagement.

The 26-year-old Kiambu prison guard posted a picture of the man who makes her heart sing on social media.

He was welcomed into his life at the perfect time, she remarked, thanking him for lending her his shoulder.

“You entered my life at a time when I needed a support system. When my life was dark, you restored light, and when I was shattered into pieces, you put me back together again,” Wanunu remarked.

“I will always be grateful to you for being the best and demonstrating to me what true love really is. It’s a modest start, but I think the stories will evolve. God always be with you. I threw in, “I adore you.

Here are some images of the gorgeous cop.


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