Game over as it is divisive People can’t believe it when WAJACKOYAH finally declares RAILA as his favored presidential candidate over RUTO – Look!


A significant boost has been given to former prime minister Raila Odinga ahead of the eagerly anticipated general election on August 9.

This comes after George Wajackoyah, the presidential candidate for the Roots Party, asked Kenyans to support the ODM leader if they did not want to elect him in the August elections.

During a Monday campaign stop in Kisumu County, Wajackoyah mentioned having ties to the Lake Region.

He expressed concerns about a group of leaders whom he claimed were fond of criticizing the ODM leader.

Wajackoyah pleaded with the leaders to cease disparaging Raila and treat him with dignity instead.

“I have Luo community origins, and Raila deserves our respect. You would rather vote for him if you don’t vote for me,” he remarked.

Wajackoyah vowed to legalize marijuana and begin snake farming on the tour in an effort to revive Kenya’s faltering economy.

“If elected, I’ll legalize marijuana production since it will boost the economy and give unemployed kids more work. A 50 kg of marijuana sells for $350 and will bring in a lot of cash to pay back the Chinese debts, according to Wajackoyah.

In search of votes, Wajackoyah has been traveling all over the nation.

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