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DP RUTO is in trouble because phone records show he threatened and bullied ICC witnesses. Look! ICC could pursue him at any time.


William Ruto, the deputy president, could be targeted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the 44 days or less until the general election on August 9.

This came about after it was discovered that he had coerced and bribed ICC witnesses, which caused his case to be dismissed.

Ruto is accused of using Kenyan attorney Paul Gicheru to undermine the prosecution’s case. Gicheru is currently charged by the ICC with witness tampering, which is alleged to have caused the collapse of Ruto’s case at the International Court.

Yesterday, ICC Deputy Prosecutor James Stewart made a direct connection between DP Ruto and the network that persuaded key witnesses to leave the case.

The prosecutor alleged that lawyer Gicheru was the architect of the bribery scheme assisted by 10 other people whose common connection was William Ruto.

According to Stewart, an examination of Gicheru’s phone records revealed direct involvement on the part of Ruto and his close friend Simotwo.

“Open source data shows both attended this school,” Simotwo, a powerful Kenyan businessman and a longtime business partner of Ruto, and Ruto’s number were both stored as contacts, according to a study of mobile phone data.

Simotwo was the board chair of Amaco Insurance, a company with whom Gicheru has a client relationship and with which Ruto is rumored to have tight ties as a major stakeholder and previous co-owner.

Gicheru was implicated in a serious crime by the prosecution, which wanted the court to find him guilty on all charges.

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