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RAILA is in tears as he begs voters to vote for RUTO to the very last person as his own ODM governor candidate calls him out. BABA failed to anticipate this.

To the dismay of many, Moitalel Ole Kenta, the ODM candidate for governor of Narok, betrayed former prime minister Raila Odinga in the open.

This comes after he publicly urged citizens to cast their votes for Deputy President William Ruto in the August election.

Kenta was anticipated to canvass for ODM candidate Raila Odinga as he traveled throughout Narok County in search of supporters.

However, Kenta asked voters to back him for governor and support Ruto, who he claimed was their favored choice, while on the campaign trail in Emurua Dikir, a region thought to be predominately populated by Kalenjins.

Lakini sitawaambia mpee mtu wa ODM, nikija mambo ya president mimi ni mtu wa ODM. Sivyo, Nyinyi ni watu wa UDA. Wenu rais peeni mtu. He said, “Piggiieni Kenta na Ruto.

Kenta defended himself by claiming that since he is not running for president, he has no problem with locals supporting the DP for the top job.

“Mimi sitafuti kiti ya rais” (I know you are a member of the UDA and I am a member of the ODM, but I won’t tell you to vote for an ODM candidate. “Vote for Ruto to be president and for me to be your governor,” urged Ole Kenta.


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