After criticizing her family over a conservatorship, BRITNEY SPEARS deactivates her Instagram account once more.


After criticizing her family for their alleged abuse of her under her now-terminated conservatorship, Britney Spears disabled her Instagram account once more.

The pop star’s 40-year-old Instagram account currently displays the statement “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

She’d claimed that Bryan’s go-to drink was ‘a Jack and coke’ and that he’d have it ‘every night’ in Las Vegas while she headlined a four-year residency at Planet Hollywood. Britney said that he ‘would never even let me have a sip’ of the drink and accused him of being on the same power trip as her father Jamie Spears.

She continued: ‘If we were going to drink together at the wedding and play the classy roles for the children like you and mom [Lynne Spears] do as you people literally hid coffee and alcohol when I would come home … you hurt me and you know it!

Britney and 28-year-old Sam, who began dating in 2015, tied the knot last Thursday at her Thousand Oaks home.


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