Less than a year after his death in an accident, MICHAEL BALLACK is dating his son’s 21-year-old LADY buddy.


According to reports, Michael Ballack, a former Chelsea player, is seeing a model who is 21 years old and a friend of his late son Emilio, who died in a quad bike accident in Portugal last year.

Ballack, 45, and his model girlfriend Sophia Schneiderhan, 21, were reportedly seen having fun at the Art Basel, a fair for modern and contemporary art, according to Mail Online.

The two appeared in love and were seen kissing in public, according to German news site Bild. The couple became close after Ballack’s son’s tragic accident.

The couple was spotted out in a fashionable area of Berlin, and the tabloid said that this is not the first time they have been seen together.

It happens less than a year after Emilio Ballack, Ballack’s son, was killed when his quad bike fell backwards, crushing him as he lost control after a family BBQ at Ballack’s vacation home in Portugal. One of Ballack’s three children from his previous marriage to Simone Lambe was Emilio.

Friends of the duo told Bild they believed the relationship was good for the former German international and that the couple did not seem bothered by the 24-year age gap. 

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