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Fighting Graft, according to Karua, is critical to achieving Azimio’s Manifesto.

If Raila Odinga wins the presidential election in August, his running mate, Martha Karua, has stated that eliminating corruption will be critical to accomplishing the former prime minister’s vision for the country.

The NARC-K party leader expressed his views on Monday during the unveiling of the Azimio manifesto, which includes a blueprint for the first 100 days in power if elected in August.

Corruption, according to Karua, is an obstacle to development because it impacts numerous elements that drive economic progress, including investment, taxation, and the effectiveness of government spending.

If Mr. Odinga is elected as Kenya’s next president, Karua said, his administration will work to combat the vice so that Kenya’s resources are not wasted or diverted away from poverty-eradication efforts.

Karua stated that fighting corruption will also entail increasing the country’s revenue collecting channels and ensuring that all Kenyans fulfill their constitutional obligation to pay taxes. Once all Kenyans contribute and the cash is not diverted to graft, it would be used to fund critical areas like education, healthcare, and other government services.

“Fixing the leaks entails collecting more taxes, such as from people who aren’t paying,” she explained.

“I did not say higher taxes; I said broadening the tax net wider because when there is weak governance, revenue is lost, and when we broaden the tax net, everyone bears the burden.” It’s similar to having an insurance coverage. “Everyone bears a portion of the weight.”



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