Magoha: We’ll begin inspecting private schools to ensure that they have sufficient CBC classrooms.


The Ministry of Education will begin examining private schools around the country to guarantee that junior secondary schools have necessary facilities.
The first group of Grade 7 students is set to enroll in Junior Secondary Schools under the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) initiative this year.

Speaking at Mwiki Secondary School, where he had gone to launch CBC classrooms, Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha said the procedure will help ensure a smooth transition.

“We’ll evaluate private schools to see if they’re ready for the junior secondary rollout. We will begin with Moi Education Centre in Kibra constituency tomorrow or the next day, then go to Runda to assess the level of preparedness “Magoha remarked as The CS emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring a smooth transition, stating that 10,000 classrooms have been built around the country and 60,000 instructors are being trained.

According to Magoha, 2.5 million kids will be transferring to junior high schools in January.

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