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TROUBLE, a US rapper, was shot and killed at the age of 34 during a late-night visit to a woman’s apartment, prompting police to issue an arrest warrant for the suspect.

After a night of partying, Trouble, an American rapper, was shot and died early Sunday, June 5. He was 34 years old at the time.

According to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department, Mariel Semonte Orr, also known as Trouble and Skoob, was shot and killed in an apartment complex in Conyers, Georgia, about 25 miles outside of Atlanta, at 3:20 a.m. on Sunday.

According to Jedidia Canty, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department’s public relations officer, Trouble was found laying on the ground outside the apartment complex with a gunshot wound to the chest when officers arrived.

Trouble, according to Canty, was shot inside the apartment complex. She claimed the rapper was at the apartment complex visiting a female friend when the suspect, Jamichael Jones, broke in and shot him.

She claimed the culprit knew the woman and called the shooting a “domestic incident.”

Canty stated that the situation was “not a love triangle” and that the suspect and victim were strangers.

Trouble was declared dead on the spot.

Jamichael Jones, 33, of Atlanta, has an arrest warrant issued by the sheriff’s office. Jones is charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, and home invasion.

Trouble uploaded videos to his Instagram story only hours before his death, showing him ordering drinks at a party and laughing with a bartender.

Trouble had blogged about life being too short less than a month before his demise. ‘Life is short af dawg smh Neva know when yo numBa gon be called!’ he tweeted.

‘Be appreciative,’ he continued. Don’t forget to forgive.’


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